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Locker Room App

The app offers advanced, flexible booking options via an app-based platform. Make it easier for members to book and manage their training sessions in-club and online.

Efficient Search

filter your search by Location, Date, Time, Trainer, Type and Level to find the right class for you all in the same place.

The Problem

In my experience as a member of the locker room club and a user of the app, I feel that the experience should be enhanced. Having talked with and interviewed more users, I decided to develop an alternative version.

The Goal

The app will be more user friendly if it improves the user experience, shortens the reservation process, and makes the user interface screens more attractive.

Changes Has Been Made

My first step was to visually separate the main screen into two parts. The top of the screen is filled with deep colors and contains the exact information the user is seeking for their class.  Instead of switching between fillers tabs, I wanted to keep it dynamic on the same page. The second part shows a scrolling list of all the classes that match the user's search result.

Getting Feedback

Offering simple feedback to users after entering and leaving a class through toast message pop-ups Informing them about their registration status

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